Friday, February 18, 2011

Borges Aires

Writers are liars. That’s one of the first things we learn. We lie. We have to, and we have the right to lie, but as Luis J. Rodriguez quotes from Antonin Artuad in the preface to Always Running, not about the heart of the matter.

We lie, but in lying we tell the truth.

Fiction is a lie.

So is photography.

It lies.

We know even some famous photographs meant to be journalistic, documentary, have been altered to create a more clear and meaningful image.

The point isn’t that the photographers cheated in the dark room (and now the virtual darkroom). The point is that the photographer wanted the viewer to see the deeper meaning of an image. The photos were meant to tell the truth, not to represent a purely material reality.

I am neither a journalist nor a photographer. I’m a fiction writer, so when I share an image, whether in words or digitally, I don’t care about representing material reality. There are more things in heaven and earth….etc

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