Friday, March 9, 2012

AWP in Chicago

Even though we were in Chicago for four days, I only brought out the camera twice.

One morning, before Sasha woke up, I bundled up in my coats and sweater and walked around and took some shots.

I had no image of what I wanted to shoot, just whatever struck me.

"Chicano, Illinois"

"Orange Trees"




And then, on the last day of the conference, I took a few shots at a panel I moderated called the Debut Chicano Novel, and later that night, a bunch of us went out.

Author Fred Arroyo

Fred Arroyo and Tim. Z. Hernandez

"Down on the Corner"


Poet Marisol Baca

Luis Alberto Urrea, author of "Queen of America"

"Opposites Attract"

"Chicano Debut Novelists Lucrecia Guerrero, Melinda Palacio and Daniel A. Olivas,

Chairman of the Board Rigoberto Gonzalez

Poets Andre Yang and Cynthia Guadardo

Novelist Randa Jarrar


Eric Parker said...

Sorry I missed you at "AWP Chicano." I did run into Sasha in the lobby at one point. Great pictures, as always, Daniel. The girl in the background of the Randa Jarrar photo is Emma Sovich, and Alabama MFA student. The world keeps shrinking.

MTB said...

Beautiful Photos, Daniel! Thank you for capturing.

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