Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I Love Sawtelle.

I can't help but sing that Randy Newman song every time I get to Sawtelle Avenue in West LA.

 Only I change  the words to, "I Love Sawtelle!"
And as I pass the Thought Convergence building, which  kind of describes  the neighborhood  pretty well, a  convergence of culture, time, and values....

 ....I imagine my backup  singers in the backseat, singing,
"We love Sawtelle!"

 (Spam rice and Kobe beef in the same neighborhood store.)
 And people on the streets sing as I pass, "We love it!"

 I love Sawtelle!

Perhaps there are a lot of them in your part of town, but this is the only Korean Sausage Co. I've ever been to. Simple menu, too.

I'm grateful its West of the 405, otherwise, my friend Augie, who's lived in West LA for many years and rarely goes east of the 405 may not have ever told me about it :))